Our Goals and Objectives.

Seek and Stimulate

Social, moral, spiritual and economic improvement of the members of the Guatemalan Community and other communities.


Encourage the creation of Guatemalan associations in other counties.


Form strategic alliances with other organizations to develop programs for the community, as long as said organizations are ethical, moral and of impeccable integrity.

Motivate all merchants to assimilate American life without losing Guatemalan values, preserving them through participation and holding socio-cultural events and others to help our community.

Promote unity and cooperation by carrying out projects, such as: the Independence Parade, year after year.

Use the existing services of orientation, education in legal and economic aspects for the benefit of the community.

Help educational projects

In the event of a catastrophe or natural disaster in Guatemala or in the United States of America, promote aid to the Victims.

Promote social and humanitarian aid to Guatemalan residents of Mercer County and neighboring places in the event of a major catastrophe.

Promote educational workshops for the community and employees of different Guatemalan businesses, for the benefit of small and medium Guatemalan entrepreneurs.
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