Dedicated to uniting the Hispanic Community

We grant student scholarships. We organize community events.

Welcome aboard!

It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome you to our cultural family. We are delighted to have the support and collaboration of a station as vibrant and committed to the community as Radio Ritmo FM. Your presence as a sponsor will further strengthen our mission to enrich and celebrate the cultural diversity that defines New Jersey.

By joining forces with Radio Ritmo FM, we are confident that we will be able to carry out even more exciting and meaningful events and programs for our community. Their dedication to promoting music, art, and cultural heritage resonates deeply with our values, and we look forward to exploring all the creative opportunities this association has to offer.

As we continue to advance our commitment to nurture and disseminate the cultural richness that surrounds us, we know that with the support of Radio Ritmo FM, our impact will be even greater. Together, we will create memorable experiences that will enrich the lives of all who are part of this cultural community.

What We Do

Our Goals and Objectives.


The social, moral, spiritual and economic improvement of the members of the Guatemalan Community.


The creation of Guatemalan associations in other counties from other countries involved in our community.


Strategic alliances with other organizations to develop programs for the community, as long as said organizations are ethical.

Need Advice?

We provide consular information to the Guatemalan community.

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Educational workshops

For the community and employees of different Guatemalan businesses, for the benefit of small and medium Guatemalan entrepreneurs.

The emotion is chilling

Feelt when singing our National anthem and see the emotion that all Guatemalans feel when singing their notes, thanks To all the participants and the General Public.


Motivate all merchants to assimilate American life without losing Guatemalan values, preserving them through participation and holding socio-cultural events and others to help our community.

Guatemalan Merchants Association


The board of directors is made up of enterprising Guatemalans, who through their efforts have made their dreams come true and have the mission and vision of transferring their experiences and opportunities to new generations.

Scholarships Program

We are committed and aware of the development of our Latino youth, that is why we promote scholarships that can enhance the skills of our young people so that our society can contribute more and better people to this country.

Our scholarship program provides financial assistance to young Latinos from any country with good and high academic skills, as an association we want our young people to have a better future and we are here to support them.

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